The North American Church Planting Foundation (NACPF) is a non-profit organization that exists to support and promote church planting efforts in North America. Formed with the goal of maintaining the lowest overhead possible, the objective of the NACPF is to help Gospel-driven, Community-focused, and Mission-oriented churches impact the country through planting churches. The NACPF relies on the support of businesses, supporting churches, state conventions, and individual contributions to achieve its mission.

    These are the Characteristics of NACPF Network Churches:

    • Gospel-driven to fulfill the great commission
    • Emphasize live expository preaching and teaching
    • Express stylistic freedom in music through Christ-centered worship
    • Governed by a plurality of elders who oversee the local church
    • Seek to develop true, biblical fellowship amongst its membership
    • Assisting in church reform and revitalization
    • Cooperate within the context of the Southern Baptist Convention
    • READ >> The NACPF Statement of Faith

    Gospel: We seek to advance the Kingdom of God by upholding and celebrating the gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ has overcome sin and death through his own death on the cross, resurrection, and ascension where he now is seated at the right hand of the Father. As a result of Jesus’ work on the cross, we can overcome sin and death. It is critical that the church know and recite the good news repeatedly. This good news is the hope for mankind and the solution for the aches of our society. It, therefore, should be proclaimed and shared just as Jesus commanded (Mt 29:19-20; Mk 16:15; Lk 24:46-49; Acts 1:8).

    Community: As we proclaim and advance the gospel, we aspire to practice authentic community that is shaped by the gospel and creates a context where believers can grow in their walk with Christ. The NT model for the local church is one of cooperating, sharing, and growing together (Acts 2). There is a “one-another” quality to the Christian faith that can only exist in a gospel-centered community. The church is not merely a place where people share burdens and fellowship about life. Rather, they do so with a unique perspective as they intentionally build each other up in Christ. Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp in their book How People Change remind us that this growth is a “community project.”

    Mission: No conception of God’s gospel can be complete without an understanding of its outward momentum. God is missional. He is pursuing, at great cost to himself, the lost. Churches within the NACPF intentionally structure their ministries and services to welcome the lost, those who have not heard or embraced the good news. In this respect, we seek to plant church-planting churches who will grow to the point that they are ready to plant self-sustained, theologically healthy, gospel centered communities who also have written into their ministry blueprint that they are missional.